Cutting deep holes

I need to cut some very specific sized holes 1" deep (going to use 1" machinable wax). Like diameter of 7.6 mm for example.

I would imagine that the “safest” way to do this would be a pocket cut. If one tried to cut it out side all the way through on an outside cut, the “plug” might foul the tool and break it correct?

I guess another way would be to drill them say 6mm on the drill press and then do an outside cut to size so that the material has clearance but I would very very carefully need to “find” those holes, almost would need to premark the centers keeping the piece in the vice all the way from nomad to drill press and back.

Any suggestions ? (I mill pcb’s damn it!) so cam is new to me be gentle.



For large holes, my usual suggestion is a pair of pockets — small inner one matched up w/ a threaded insert or a bolt in a T-track, &c. then a pocket to cut the hole — make it at least half again endmill diameter for chip clearance.

For a less than 1/4" hole though, just use a 1/8" endmill and cut as a pocket — not enough material to worry about.

if you have access to fusion helical plunge would work extremely well for this.

Thanks for all the tips. Wax is fun to cut!