Cutting deeper than the settings

First time cncer, set a job to cut with a 0500 vee bit but the bit keeps cutting way deeper that the max depth it set to…

Usually this sort of issue is caused by a mechanical problem. Please check the machine:

Another frequent cause is a disconnect in how things are set up in the file and how one sets the zero relative to the stock.

V carvings since they’re so sensitive to Z variations can also cause problems based on uneven stock thickness, or the wasteboard being unlevel, see: and contact us at if you need further help.

You haven’t said what you are trying to cut with the V-bit. If it is a v-carve operation, then the max depth is not used. It will keep cutting down until the sides of the v-bit intersect the lines of the v-carve. If you are using the v-bit to do a different operation such as a chamfer, then what @WillAdams said is your best bet.

I remember that there was a video I watched a few days ago on calculating the depth that will be cut by a v-bit of a given angle at a given point of a v-carve operation but I can’t lay my finger on the link at the moment.

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Found the video I was thinking of earlier. It is .
Hope that helps.


Thank you! Learned a lot in that video… Much appreciated…

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