Cutting depth greater than flute length

I have some stock that’s 1" thick that I want to cut all the way through with a 1/4" end mill. The flute length of the bits I have are less than 1" — 3/4" or so. Is that going to cause any issues?

Depends — will the material tolerate a bit of rubbing by the endmill shaft?

Alternately, you could chuck up the endmill and turn it down by a little bit along the shaft.

It’s pine, it might burn a bit but it should be ok I think

One other thought is you could leave a roughing clearance for the lower passes, and then make one finishing pass at full depth.

Alternately, if it’s a 3D file, add an imperceptible slope to the walls?

I’d suggest investing in an endmill with flutes the needed length though.

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