Cutting files forCraftCNC

I have just about finished my S3 assembly and enjoyed it so much I have decided to also build the CraftCNC from Design and Make(Vectric).

The files are available on github and I have downloaded the 3d printing files and have to sort out the dxf files as I am not sure they are coming down correctly. These files are intended to be Laser cut but I want to use the S3 to cut them

I assume there is no difference in the dxf files between those for Laser and those for CNC routers so hope Carbide 3d software will be all I need. I do have Inkscape and F360 and can get access to Solidworks and Aspire if necessary so am probably well covered in that regard.

Has anyone else had a go at the CraftCNC and care to share their experiences.

fyi…just be sure there is no kerf allowance in the dxf files for the laser cut parts. while lasers make very small cuts, they still remove material. if not noted/counted for, you could wind up with some sloppy fit up during assembly. make sure that you also allow to correct for corner cuts of whatever bit you will be using vs the generally small radius or neat corners that are in laser cut parts.

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Good point and one I would not have thought of. Obviously not a straight conversion and I’ll need to be a bit more experienced in amending files from original to CNC ready.

Thanks for the heads up

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