Cutting on silver , brass with nomad

Hello everybody,

Does anyone have experience and information on cutting on silver and brass …
(speed of rotation ,speed of travel, speed of descent )
thank you for your help

I machine mostly aluminium with small tools 0.2mm up to 1.5mm and generally I use 175-195mm travel for x,y and 85-95mm for Z travel with a speed of 8,000-9,000rpm. This is for the smaller tools from 0.2mm up to 0.7mm diameter.
You could up these speeds by 20-30% as you get closer to 1.5mm tools and I often use the speed increase/decrease in Carbide Motion as you can generally ‘hear’ if the tools starts to chatter or make an weird squealing sound.
I can’t offer any advice for bigger tools as I don’t use anything upwards of 1.5mm diameter.
hope this helps.

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We have feeds and speeds for brass in the official charts:

We have some notes on nickel and sterling silver at: — which alloy(s) are you planning on cutting?

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thank you for your help