Cutting paths off center after tool change

So I created a file in Meshcam, and added a roughing pass with a #102 end mill…and then a finishing pass with a #101 ball nose. The rough pass went great. Carbide motion then paused and asked to switch to the #101 ball nose for finishing. I installed the tool and then clicked continue (resume cutting). I noticed right away that it started to cut about .06" off center. I paused and quite the job.

So my question is…do I need to re-zero the machine after a tool change?

Here is a picture of where I caught the error. The hole that was already drilled through on the first pass is the deeper one circled in red. The error is the smaller more shallow beginning of a new hole (that is not supposed to be there…it’s the same hole)…to the upper left.

You should not have to re zero.

Something is off, I’m not sure if you can save that part, but if you want to try; save only the finish pass in MeshCAM and try running it.

If you can send your gcode file to support we can take a look and see if it was that or a homing issue.

I think I am going to cap the holes in meshcam…and then try running the finish pass. I’ll send you guys the gcode as well…thanks for the speedy response Apollo!

So after finishing the parts, it looks like my drilling operation drills the holes in the wrong spot. The secondary finishing pass…which looked to be adding in a new hole (circled in red in my first post)…turned out to be the correct hole position. Not sure why the drilling operation misplaced the holes. hmmm…well this piece is scrapped…dang!