Cutting processes

I cut a circle 6mm deep. I later made the circle bigger. But the new cut was just short of 6mm. So it left a small ridge. The circle was a pocket operation the first time. But a inside cut the second time. If I make the mistake of cutting the inside cut lower than the pocket. I would need to re due the pocket. But since only a mm or less needs to be cut. Is the process to change the start of cut to start at 6mm. Other wise you have to go thru the whole process of cutting the pocket. But only the last two passes of so would really be cutting.
Another question do people move the router up or down in the router holder? When I went to use the bit zero the material was so high the router bit would not go high enough to clear the bit zero. So I loosened up the router screws and moved the router a little higher. Is this something we should be doing? The material was about 2 inches thick.

I would set zero to the bottom of the pocket, and profile (contour) the bigger circle at 0. Best chance of having it match up.

I’ve moved my spindle a few times. Hobby jobs seem to be down near the table. Commercial / Aluminum jobs I’m cutting in a machine vise, so they get pretty close to the X slide, so I move the spindle up.
Double check your tram / vertical-ness (verticularity?) of the spindle after moving it, but there should be no other problem. You probably don’t want it to the extreme, i.e. nearly all hanging below the mount,
but when moving it up for a tall job, chuck up your longest tool & adjust it so it will work.


Another way to beat the problem is move the bit higher in the chuck, if you have the room on the bit.

If you need to go deeper a quick option is to go back into your create file and just change depth of pass to 6mm for the needed toolpaths then resave maybe using another file name in case you want to save the first one still.

Leave your zeros all the same, load the new toolpath and just run.

If I change the depth of cut and keep start cut at 0. Then 50% of the time I will be cutting air.
What I ended up doing was changing the start cut to 6mm and the max depth to 12mm. When I ran this code it moved to the 6mm level and started cutting. I was hoping someone would have stated that this was the typical way to achieve this new cut.

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