Cutting tall objects

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I was thinking of purchasing a Shapeoko XL but saw that it has limited cutting capacity in the x axis.

I would be looking to cut some holes to allow switches and connectors to be mounted into a plastic enclosure. However the surface to be cut is on a surface which would mean the enclosure would have to be stood upright to cut.

The dimensions are - 250 x 120 x 50 and I need to cut on the x 50 surface. Has anyone got experience of cutting a hole or similar in the waste board to allow a tall object to be cut?



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Folks have done this, a couple of folks have even made metal wasteboards which have integrated clamping for this sort of thing.

Might be able to clamp at the front of the machine though.


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I cut a LOT of large items under the Z and now in front of the machine. Go view my 3+ years of work on Instagram (JPL_Richard) Another owner and IG user (Vince.fab) as even cut a hole in his waste board to install a large commercial milling vise for some of his earlier work. So, there are lots of ideas out there is you search for them.

Now for some questions.

You mean the Z axis right??? (height)
50??? What units cm, mm, inches???

Note: The machine has 75mm of travel and 89mm of height, as well as an adjustable spindle that can raise and lower to suit your work.


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I cut mortises into some 2.75" square desk legs with mine by just sliding the router up in the mount a bit. Thats 70mm or so. If you plan on cutting the 50mm face (which means standing it so it projects 120mm or 250mm vertically?) you’ll likely have to design a mount that holds the box off the front of the machine to mill it, because thats taller than you can typically fit under the X gantry unless you recess it into the wasteboard.

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