Cutting through

No matter what I set the thickness to it won’t cut through.

You aren’t giving us very much to work with here.

Do you have a simple project that demonstrates the problem? Post it here so we can take a look at it.

What machine to you have? Are you absolutely sure that it is configured correctly in Carbide Motion?

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The stock is 15mm thick , its a Shapoeko5 pro. If I set it less than this number or right at this number it cuts the same depth.

If you jog your cutter off the part, can you jog it down to the spoilboard, or even deeper if there are grooves in the table? i.e. will the Z axis move down that far?

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How are you setting zero relative to the stock?

Could you upload your .c2d file?

I cut one out of thinner stock and it cut into the wasteboard just a tiny bit.

Top of stock setting

Can you post your Carbide Create file?

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When I cut through material I always use bottom of stock. You set your Z zero on the spoilboard with the paper method or a BitZero. Proper measurement of material is very important and do not guess. Try the bottom of material and see if that helps. It does require a work flow change and takes a little while to get used to it. Never use bottom of material and be over the material and use rapid position for a Z+6MM or you will crash into the material. Be sure you are off the material.

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