CW-3000 chiller alarm

I have had my HDM for about a month. We filled the chiller with coolant to avoid algae issues. I am getting an E0 alarm.

This is supposed to be low tank or flow. We have checked the tank. It is full. I have followed the path of the hoses and nothing looks pinched or clogged.

What should my next steps be?

What coolant did you use?

Did you dilute it with distilled water?

Let us know the specifics at and we’ll do our best to puzzle this out with you.

I used a distilled water Prestone coolant mix

When I got mine I had a similar issue. Review the wiring in the chiller, I had to correct a few mistakes. I think my OK and Fault lines were swapped and a NO vs NC contact swap. Luckily it is not a complicated device and mine was easier to correct than return/exchange. After the fixes it has run well for 2 years of hobby shop usage.

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