CW 3000 Coolant

Carbide 3D - Just wondering why your webpage states one will need 20 L of coolant for the CW 3000 chiller, when the tank capacity is only 9 L?


20L is what you should have on hand when filling the system.
The final amount of coolant needed depends on the length of coolant hoses used.

11 L extra is a bit of overkill for an approximately 6 foot run of tubing. Interested to see what Carbide 3D has to say.

Webpage says 20L, Setup manual says 9L, and the tag on the chiller says 6L (Tank).
I dumped in 2 gallons (7.8L), and it’s working fine. Coolant circulates, temp stays cool.
Spindle is cool to the touch.

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Yep, what Tod says. You’ll get error messages if you fill to max cap. At least, I did.