Cyclonic Dust Collection Advise

I have a Jet DC 1100 collector with 6" inlet. I currently have a 30 gallon metal trashcan with a cyclonic trashcan lid I got at Woodcraft a few years ago. The shop uses 4" flexible hose to the mostly non moving dust collector.

My question is about upgrading my cyclone to the Onieda Super Cyclone. There is a model with 6" to the DC and 5" to the inlet. They have a 4" model both for inlet and outlet and a 15 gallon dust bucket. There are a few other models with variations on inlet and outlet, plastic or metal. I read reviews on Amazon that are about 60% 5 star with a lot of 1, 2 and 3 star ratings. Do you have any experience with the Onieda Super Cyclone as an add on to a single stage dust collector?

If I were to buy a new dust collector I would buy one that integrates the cyclonic function into the dust collector. However I already have the DC1100 and may be wasting money by starting over. My DC 1100 is a good machine with the canister filter. I already have a remote control and think the 1100 CFM is adequate for my shop.

If I upgrade to the Onieda Super cyclone should I get a larger one with 6" outlet even though I use 4" collection hose or should I just get the 4" one and skip all the reducers.

Does anyone have a different suggestion for upgrading my current setup besides the Onieda?

I use the dust collector all the time for a 3HP Powermatic 10" saw, a 16 Inch SCM bandsaw, Dewalt 735 Planer, router tables, Jet 16/32 Drum Sander and of course for my Shapeoko XXL. So any suggestions would be helpful.

the separator lids are not very efficient. You could try the Super Dust Deputy and increase the size of the duct from the SDD to the impeller on your DC. It should be either 5" or 6" w/o the 4" wye adapter or reducer ring. The larger duct the better - it will move more airflow.

You could also try to make a Thein separator, Rockler sells the 4" fittings for ~20 and make a lid which seals better on your metal trash can.

If you are looking for more filter area, check out Wynn Environmental filters, they sell Merv15 filters which you may be able to stack on your DC for more surface area for your drum sander.

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