Debugging Z-axis offset problem

Hi all,

I just got the bitsetter and bitzero and had an unfortunate experience the first time I tried to use them; I am hoping you can point me to how to work out what went wrong.

I always generate my g-code for zero in the front-left-bottom corner of my stock piece. In this case I was adding some features to a previously-machined part.

The correct tool was in the machine before I turned it on. At initialization time it cycled to the rear-right corner as before, then to the center to ask me to load a tool (I just clicked resume), then to front-right to use the bitsetter which looked like it worked.

I then clipped the ground lead to the bit, positioned the bitzero on the front-left-top corner of my piece jogged the bit over the circle and did an X/Y/Z zero cycle, which seemed to work.

I then moved the bitzero to the front-left-top of my wasteboard, jogged the bit over the circle and did a Z zero cycle, which seemed to work.

Then I started the job - this did a Z retract, rapid to the center, asked me to change the tool (again I just clicked resume as the right tool was in there), rapid to the bitsetter, cycle there which looked the same as the other 3, rapid to the correct X/Y, and then did the job as though Z was 3.00mm lower than it should have been, judging by measuring the hole in my wasteboard.

I have loaded the job into candle to view the toolpath and it has as I expected a minimum Z value of 0. I am hoping the exactly 3.0mm offset means something obvious to one of you so I can correct my installation/workflow.



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It sounds like your second probe of Z was done incorrectly. When using the Z probe with the bit-zero, the entire aluminum block needs to rest on top of the work piece, it should not sit in the corner as you for X/Y/Z probing.

Scroll down to the probing Z section.


That is the problem — if you probe for Z only you need to reposition it for a Z surface probe:


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