Decent machine vice

Recently I have been searching for a decent machine vice - my previous one lifted my stock by 0.3mm on the back side which was very annoying.

After talking to @Griff who recommended one from a place in the US:

Whilst I couldn’t buy this one due to being in the UK I found a very similar one in the UK (these are Chinese imports). It just has a slightly different holding system.

It came yesterday, it’s a very solid bit of kit and has very little movement. I haven’t checked it’s precision yet but I feel it will be as expected.

I did knock up some clamps that can be used with it:

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On this topic, I have a lesson learned. I bought this one:

However, it is not what I would consider “low” profile. I remove my supplementary waste board to use it, and it gives me a small amount of clearance between its top and the bottom of the X-rail. I haven’t measured but I can get maybe 1" or a little more. In order to use it with my current setup, I have to raise my router very high in the mount to give me enough room for Z travel and retract height. I eventually plan on moving to a ball screw Z-axis anyway, so that won’t be a problem forever.

It is however very stout, and heavy duty in terms of hobby use. It should provide me easily a decade or more of use, and is applicable for other things outside of use for the SO3. But “low” it is not. Buyer beware.

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