Dedicated computer for Carbide Motion?

Finally… I got my Nomad 883 Pro and a WinBook TW700

The WinBook is a slow sloth. But it does the trick. Do not expect to run MeshCAM on it, Carbide Motion will work though, just tried it.

It doesn’t do ANYTHING good, can’t surf with too many tabs. The internal flash is as slow as a microSD card. It says 16GB but only has around 9, with 5 free when you first open it.

The cameras on it are garbage.

But it does have the most important thing… a full sized USB port


I’ve been experimenting with some Intel ComputeSticks lately, to use as “headless” controllers for my 3DP and Nomad.

The Windows-version stick is giving me fits trying to get Remote Desktop or VNC to run properly, so I haven’t been able to try CM on one yet. But the Ubuntu-version stick has proven itself ready, willing, and able to run my 3DP wth Cura, and it even does local slicing and G-code generation surprisingly well.

I don’t expect to run MeshCAM on a stick, of course, but using a network share on my LAN for the .NC files should work quite well (with my heavy-metal gaming rig providing the MeshCAM heavy lifting). I just have to get that darned Windows stick to run VNC properly…

I used to use an Rpi setup with old monitor and mouse keyboard etc… Annoying thing was that I couldn’t work on Inventor in my workshop using this setup so I have devised a system of using the Rpi as a streaming device from my main home server which is running an extra VM with windows and streaming it via ethernet to my Rpi in my workshop. Rpi then handles monitor mouse and keyboard. Means I can run windows for CAD/Cam and also I can use the powerful server for generating toolpaths and CAD work without leaving the workshop :smile:

Massively over complicated and there are bugs… I think it would work way better if I used a compute stick or something

Will carbide motion run on a Asus EEE PC with Windows 7 and 2gb Ram? the CPU is only 1.60 Ghz though

Just a thought, and excuse me if it’s already mentioned, has anyone tried the Kangaroo from Newegg? It’s $100 and seems decent. I bought one, stripped down all the crapware from windows 10 and setting it up to run the Nomad and a 3D printer. I have it running through an old ipad for a monitor and a logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. It’s a bit slow but seems to be fast enough. I’ll know when I get my nomad in and have time to test it.

I am doing most of my heavy hitting work on my MBP running parallels and SW15. This would just be for an interface and the ability to set it up and walk away without having to leave my work computer.

I also ran across this and thought it would be fun to build but the cost is over $1000 in parts alone.

I’ve installed Win7 on my EEE PC. Carbide Motion installed successfully however I don’t have my Nomad yet so I can’t confirm whether it will run reliably. I’ll let you know in a couple weeks once my Nomad arrives. :grinning:

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Will carbide motion run on a Asus EEE PC with Windows 7 and 2gb Ram? the CPU is only 1.60 Ghz though

My WinBook has 8GB of Ram on Windows 8.1 and it’s complaining that it’s out of RAM after loading a large file into Carbide Motion. I disabled Windows Defender and Superfetch, and increased the page file a bit, to get around that problem.

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I have a dell latitude D830, but it’s running Linux (mint).
Just got a 3D XXL used ( assembled but never run), and would like to use the dell as a dedicated laptop for it.
Can motion and designer software run on Linux?

I am afraid that while there was an early build of Carbide Motion available for Linux its development has been discontinued.

Most of the opensource software options do run on Linux though — list of them here:

One product in development which addresses this is Carbide Connect which would allow one to control the machine from a web browser — it was announced a while back, and will hopefully work its way through the pipeline soon.

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