DEFECT [613] - Grouping SVG Images - Symbol does not update

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I’m experimenting to see what else might cause this, but it’s reproduceable with an SVG import. The actual defect might not be about importing. As far as I can tell, this problem does not occur on objects that you select and group - I have only found it with SVG imports, so far:

WIN10 - Seen in 613

Import an SVG
Press Group
[The Group Icon will not change, but the SVG vectors WILL be grouped]

If you deselect and then click on the SVG elements again, the Group Icon will be correctly displayed and the SVG vectors will be all selected as grouped.

If you then Click UNGROUP
[The Group Icon will not change, but the SVG vectors will be ungrouped]
If you deselect and then click on any of the SVG vectors, it will select only that small section and the grouped icon will show ungrouped.

Thanks for the report! We’ll do our best to have someone look into it.

I was actually experiencing that in 611 today too.

I see the same thing in 613. Imported SVGs grouping does not update the icon when grouping and ungrouping, but drawn vectors do update the icon when grouped.

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