Defect [Beta 6.11] - Layers [Edited]

EDIT: I edited this post because I originally thought this was a cosmetic defect, but it’s more than that - since the relative position of the copied objects changes (In some cases, it may be nearly impossible to recover).

RE-EDITED to simplify the process of recreating the bug.

Just stumbled across an interesting defect - pretty sure it’s been there since layers were introduced, but I just saw it on 6.11 Beta:

Start with 3 objects:

Select 2 objects and add them to a new layer (Green)

Select all objects (CTRL-A) or box…

Now press Copy:

It appears that only the third object was copied (because of the offset)…however…it turns out that the other objects were also copied, but because they’re in another layer, they don’t cause the offset. If we move the copied objects away, we reveal the originals:

Aside from being cosmetically confusing and inconsistent, the relative position between the objects is altered and is no longer accurate.

Thanks for reporting this!

Adding this to the list of bug reports and we’ll do our best to have a developer look into it.

The response was:

Objects are only shifted if they’re being copied to the original layer where they’d overlap the original completely. If being duplicated to a new layer, they’re not shifted.

So this is the intended behaviour.

I don’t understand…The problem is that if I copy three objects, the resulting copy’s positions, relative to each other, change. You can’t keep them together even though you’re copying them together. How is that “intended”?

EDIT: Furthermore, you’re telling me that depending on the layer situation, copy now behaves differently - and unintendedly. How is this correct?

I believe the idea is to differentiate between objects which are on the same, vs. different layers:

  • objects on the same layer are shifted
  • objects on a different layer are moved to the new layer, but remain in the same place

To get the current behavior, move all objects to the destination layer first, then duplicate.

No sorry…This is SO inconsistent.

I can make copy have three different results…this makes absolutely no sense in terms of user experience:

Starting objects and Layers and move two of them to Layer 2:

Now let’s copy all objects with different layers activated:
With Layer 1 Activated:
With Layer 2 Activated:
With Layer 3 Activated:

Think about what the user is trying to do. The relative position of the objects is only maintained in 1 of 3 scenarios…and as far the offset, it’s different all three times.

I’m guessing the rule is that, if the object being copied overlaps objects in the layer, they’re shifted - if not, not. That logic violates the intent of the user…who just wants to copy three objects together and most likely wants to preserve their positions relative to each other.

Suppose I’m a smart enough user to understand this subtlety…and I want to copy all three relative to each other…what are the steps that I need to take to do that, if they’re on different layers (which I would do for some logical reason that shouldn’t be impacted by this)? Think about what we’re putting the user through with this.


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