Deleting Nodes doesn't always work

When cleaning up a traced image there are some little shapes around the main design I want to completely delete. Why won’t the program let me do that? I can delete nodes from the main image!

Post the file and a screengrab showing which nodes can’t be deleted and we’ll look into this with you.

tortoise.c2d (84 KB)
Not the most tech savey, but I think this is the file. There is a small line inside the right front foot that you"ll see if you scroll in. It has two nodes and they won’t delete.

You can’t delete the first or last nodes of a vector.

Select and ungroup:

Click away to deselect:



Thank you. I’ll try that.
Next, you’ll have to explain how to do the screen shot! :laughing: Pretty sure I’m going to need more help.
The online tutorials are good, but they go through the steps so fast without really showing what icon is being clicked.

You can zoom in/out with pinch gestures on a trackpad, or by using the scroll wheel on a mouse.

Screengrabs were taken using .

You may find:


helpful — if there’s a question you have or feature you need which isn’t covered on those pages let me know and we’ll update.

Those were informative. Where do I find more?
One question I do have. Going back to the turtle drawing, when there is a double line, one cuts the outside, one cuts the inside. Correct? Would I use a .125 end mill or .25 end mill to get a .25 contour?

What do you need to know about the program which isn’t covered in those or:

(which is for 3D modeling in Pro mode)

If cutting two more or less parallel lines, then the width cut will be equal to the diameter of the endmill plus the distance between the two lines.

Sorry, got caught up in reading the two bits you sent and didn’t realize I could file through the whole thing. The information is good although a bit technical for me, a visual learning graphic designer! The design part was easy to understand, the toolpath stuff not so much! I will continue to read, take notes and hopefully absorb this information. We have some time before the machine arrives and is set up. This is an exciting adventure for me personally as well as my organization!

If you will let us know what you need to do which you are not able to extract from that, we’ll do our best to address any lacunae. FWIW, I was traditionally trained as a graphic designer as well, see:

I’m feeling very techie this evening. figured out the screen shot!

Please explain why the halo has two tiny spots to carve instead of all the way around. The wings are close to being right but the simulation shows material being left in the center using a .125 mill end. I did it again with a .25 mill end and still had material being left. I set this as a contour cut. The size is roughly 4" x 4".

The halo is too narrow at top and bottom to admit the tool you are using.

Try a V carving instead.

Aghhh! How does one learn all these things!

The great thing about CNC is that one can try things virtually in the Toolpaths pane and get immediate feedback on what works and what doesn’t work — try other toolpaths, and if you can’t get an appearance which matches what you want in a reasonable period of time, post here or to and we will do our best to assist.

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