Delivery Times?

Hi there. First post here…

What kind of delivery times did you experience? I placed my order on 12/5/14 and the expected delivery date was sometime in February.

I still haven’t heard anything. The delay was no problem as I went through tax time, bought a 3D printer and 3D DIY scanner, and unexpectedly had to upgrade my main computer. I’m just concerned my order got lost somewhere. I emailed a couple of days ago, and and again today to a different mailbox, but haven’t gotten a reply yet. Thanks.

Your order is in the queue. Shoot an email over to jorge@ and he can tell you where you fit in. I’ll poke him to make sure he sees it.

We get so much automated email from all of our sales, support, and forum systems that sometimes an email from a real human gets caught in between a bunch of automated email and shoved into a folder. (We’re trying to get this worked out )


Thanks. Done…

I’m in a similar situation as garyinco, I backed on Kickstarter in May last year and would be interested in knowing roughly what the delivery timeframe will be. I received the Kickstarter survey and emailed Jorge with my shipping address (international order) and asked for a shipping estimate but that was 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard back yet. I’m sure you guys are really busy building the last of the Kickstarter machines and my email was probably one that got lost among the automated emails. Rob - can you please give Jorge a poke for me too?

@Foxster - Jorge and I speak daily about “The End of Kickstarter” which will be a big deal when it happens. We’re down to about 25 or 30 machines.

We’re heading out to Maker Faire next week, so that will cause a few days of delay in our shipping, but other than that we should be shipping very soon to you.

I will find a sharp stick and poke Jorge for you.


PS- If it’s any consolation, we make constant little tweaks and improvements to the machine so you should be getting one of the very best machines we’ve made.

Hey Rob! It’s been almost a year so patience isn’t an issue, I’m just really excited now that the time is almost here!!! I’ve been keeping up with the Kickstarter campaign and reading these forums and can see that you guys have been making huge strides with the development of the Nomad and with improvements to the machine so I’m almost glad, in a way, that I’m in one of the later batches.

My only concern at this stage was to ensure you guys have my shipping address (had to put in a place holder address on the Kickstarter survey) and also just needed to get an estimate on shipping so I can make sure that I have enough funds available upon delivery.

Duly poked :smile:
I’ll get you a shipping estimate before we leave for Maker Faire

Thanks Jorge, you guys are legends!!!

For those still waiting on their machines. Received mine a few weeks ago. It is worth the wait!

When you think of the essence of Kickstarter, the Nomad is probably one of the best examples of how much a revolution Kickstarter has become for starting a business.