Demo bounding box

I was wondering if anyone has considered adding a feature to demo the bounding box. My stratasys 3D printer does this and it’s really helpfull. Basically I can tell the machine to “demo bounding box” and the head will basically draw in the air a conservative area that it will need to make the part. This is usually the thing I do right before making a part. It lets you know if your stock is big enough and squared with the head enough. Right now I’m making the head cut a square in the spoil board first and that’s seems in nessicary. What do you think?


Interesting idea. I think I would want to try it with a pencil attached to the router, and zero that. Then when it does your bounding box idea, it could draw the perimeter. That would tell me if I have any clamps in the way. Not a necessary feature, but useful. I actually did a “dry” run today with my bit zero’ed about 5 mm above the stock. When I ran the toolpath, it allowed me to see if my clamps would be hit. A few minor adjustments, then a live run, and no issues.

It’s a feature in some programs is my understanding — I’ve advocated for it being included in CC/CM as well.


For now you can just zero your bit at a height above your workpiece surface greater than your maximum plunge depth and run the job.
I’ll frequently add a dummy box at the bound of the CC work area, generate a tool path with a speedy feedrate for it and run the above process. Achieves the exact same end.


Saw a video this weekend that relates to Adam X’s last comment. You can do toolpath containment in Fusion 360. Something I may try out in the future.


Worth looking at but not nearly As simple and elegant As pressing a button to quickly show me.