Depth per pass setting affecting start depth

I am cutting a slot and have calculated my start depth to be 0.312" and a max depth of 0.875".

I should note, this is a simple contour path.

The depth per pass setting for the bit is set to 0.05".

My assumption is that it will start at 0.312, then drop in 0.05 increments and then adjust the final distance for the last pass.

This is not what is happening. I checked my cut after the fact and the is starting at 0.350, which tells me it rounded the start depth to the nearest “per pass” increment.

It did final out at 0.875 however.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Please send the file which has this problem in to and we will look into it w/ you.

actually what the start depth means is it should assume you already cut out to 0.312" in some earlier pass, so with your depth per pass, it will start at 0.362 (start depth + DOC)

example of what start depth is designed for: You cut a pocket, at, say 0.2" into the material with the 1/4" endmill, and then want to put a small logo in the bottom of that pocket with the 1/16" one of say 0.04". You want the logo pocket cut to start at 0.2" and go to 0.24"… so for this case you set the start depth at 0.2" and the total depth to 0.24"


This makes sense. I just started another cut with a start depth at .750 with a per pass set at .04. When I saw that it started at .790 it hit me. Came here and saw your response and it all made sense.

I am hearing in order to get it to physically start at .750 then I would need to set the start depth to .710.

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