Design Assistance Please

I am creating a pocket jig for 3-inch discs.
Below is the CC drawing. The Boolean circle bump serves two-fold.

  1. A finger access to remove the Discs.
  2. I am thinking a cam lock to hold the disc while machining.
    The 2 option, my thought the cam will have a dowel offset from the cam hole to use an angled Allen wrench to tighten and remove.

Looking for any better ideas?
I realize the shape of the circle may need altered somehow.

The main reason for the jig is, the discs are two-sided, I tried to flip the board (even had the same X-Y zero) and one end the images lined up very well and the other end it was off-center a bit. With a jig I think it will eliminate this issue.

Did you try drilling holes and using dowels when you flip it?

If I understand correctly, you’re trying to hold the disks using a cam placed in the finger hole, cut an engraving into one side, and then flip the complete board board holding the four disks, and cut the other side.
Is that correct?

If so, I’d probably approach this by putting the camfinger hole on the bottom or top of the hole instead of diagonally, and flip the board sideways. I think it would help to minimize x offsetting in the flip. Then you only need to worry about the y offset with the pressure of the cam.

How close are your tolerances, and how aggressive is your cut? Could you cut a slot for an o-ring or some other press-fit type method?
Maybe a few rubber grommets screwed down like washers into four pockets around the cuircle that put enough pressure on the disk to hold it while cutting, but enough to pop out when forced?

No just aligned it along the square rails I had in my table.

I will be flipping the discs not the jig itself. Thus, the finger holes.
The jig will remain stationary.

How about a v groove through the jig pocket to where you could mark the Y centerline on the edge of the disc with something like a pencil mark, then flip along Y axis.

jig.c2d (226.3 KB)


I like this idea.

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Quick prototype of a cam lock



Here it is turned…



Very COOL! Excellent Idea.

No worries. I’m chomping at the bit waiting for my HDM, keeping myself busy & getting accustomed to the tools. Here’s the fixture & camlock in Create with the pivot holes.
I get weird results exporting .dxf from NX, then into Create, but these are fixed up.

3in_disk_fixture.c2d (299.9 KB)

3in_disk_camlock.c2d (46.8 KB)

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I use Inkscape to create DXF & SVG Vector files. It’s FREE!

Thank you for the files.

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