Designing and offering upgrades

Let’s say you design a part or upgrade for the S3 that Carbide has no interest in offering the community.

At what point are you “competition”?


Competition is comparable offerings?

Otherwise you’re just an accessories line (Suck It, HDZ, etc)

If Carbide has no interest in offering that part then and you are not copying their original design I dont see that as competition. We already have a number of “enhancements” such as the HDZ, upgraded eccentric nuts etc. We also have accessories such as Suckit. J-Tech Laser

There is probably a market out there for longer rails in one piece which Carbide have elected not to provide - probably because the cost versus demand would add more complexity to their supply chain. Similarly the interest in Lead screws etc. If they provided those and you decided to offer the same items at a lower or similar price that would be competition.

To me competition would be something like the x-carve (leaving aside quality comparisons). They make essentially the same unit in the same configuration with some differences in method of construction. They achieve the same results in the end and are aimed at the same market.

Just my 2c worth…which is probably only worth 1c at the end of the day :slight_smile:


I have been told I come under competition. I believe Carbide would sees it as anyone else offing a CNC frame.

On that basis I am, but I also own a shapeoko (because they are awesome) and have been active on here for quite a while.

I’d recommend anyone thinking of buying a CNC to buy a shapeoko, and have offered designs, suggestions and offered to work for Carbide 3d in the past.

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Luke. I dont really see you as competing with ShapeOko, you augment ShapeOko with after market upgrades. While you do sell frame kits your kits appear to be a different nitch in the CNC market. And I don’t know why they don’t hire you your ideas are top notch for the budget market. Well designed and manufastured.

Offering CNC Plans, DIY, or RTR Kits I see as competition for Carbide3D. Offering third-party accessories, upgrades, etc. I would consider just enriching the ecosystem, though I don’t know if Carbide3D acknowledges any of them, nor should they necessarily. Especially if there is heavy modification to their base CNC platform (requiring drilling/tapping holes for example), I wouldn’t see them officially recommending any.

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Tell us what soft of device you’ve conceived of, and we will tell you whether it is competition or not. :slight_smile:


@Vince.Fab Send me one, and I’ll see how it “competes”.