Designing Enveloping Text for Inlay

 Our CNC group was stumped at what I was asking - to put an Acronym in a circle. I finally did this in an old software package, Xara Extreme, and it came out really nice as an Inlay project. 
 Check your graphics packages to see if they will allow you to do the Envelop process. In the package I used I just typed my acronym (coaster shown below), selected it, then had to use one button to pop up a menu and made one selection from that - a very short and swift answer to the problem of placing text in a circle. See below. Try it! You might like it!


Ask here next time. :wink:
Inkscape, and presumably Illustrator, will do that.

Vectric software will allow you to “distort” text to almost any curvature or line.

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Yeh, I will. Our group are all older guys with 3D systems and I assumed they would know. I even drew on a white board what I wanted and no one seemed to know how to do that. I’ll have to dive into that in Aspire and see if I can get it to work for me.