Designs with Consistent Spacing

Is there a way in CC to design a pattern with consistent spacing? For example, if I want to build a honeycomb with 1/4" gaps between each hex, is there a way to do that consistently or do I need to use another source like Illustrator?

Before I posted this question, I looked for other threads but couldn’t find anything that seems to answer my question.

Please advise.

For the honeycomb or any design which meets at all edges, the easiest thing to do is to make them all 1/4" too large, then inset by 1/8" to create the desired 1/4" gap.

Ok, to make sure I’m tracking, I’ll give an example and tell me if I’m right:

I make three hexes all 1/4" larger than I want and make sure that the edges meet. Then, using the offset tool, make 3 new hexes inside that are 1/8" smaller so that the gaps between are 1/4".

That sounds way simpler than I was thinking. ha!

You have it exactly:

except you have to do non-contiguous selections, so one at a time, sequentially, to arrive at: