Dewalt 611 Collet

I have a Makita at my home but the school I am working with has a Dewalt 611. While changing bits, I noticed that the shaft does not have wrench flats. My only option is to hold the shaft lock button in. I have seen instances where the shaft lock breaks on these. Is this something new in that the wrench flats are not longer there or is this the way its always been?

I will look more at it tonight. I just do not want to use the shaft lock at all.

Chris - I’ve had my Dewalt 611 for a couple of years before purchasing the Shapeoko. It has the locking button only, no wrench flat for holding the shaft, and I’ve never had any trouble with this setup. Just make sure the button is fully engaged before tightening/loosening and don’t over tighten, it doesn’t take all that much.
Hope yours works out okay!

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Ugh…I may get the school to buy a Makita next lol.

I also have the Dewalt 611 and use the lock button all the time and have for a couple of years. I’ve never had any issues.

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It only has the lock button. Having said that I’ve gone pretty gorilla on mine and it hasn’t broken. It’s probably breakable, but honestly the only ones I’ve seen break are the Makitas.


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