Dewalt bearing upgrades?

I tried using the search feature but didn’t really come up with anything.

Are there any good options for upgrading the Dewalt bearings? I have a router that is getting to be in need, and I figured maybe an opportunity for an upgrade? Better/tighter tolerances, longer life, better heat dissipation, quieter, any of the above?

Are any suitable ones listed at:

Wouldn’t it just be a matter of determining the dimensions and getting something compatible? Usually though when folks mention bearings for the DWP611 it’s because overheating has melted the plastic they’re mounted in.

Folks have swapped out the bearings in the Makita RT0701 and Carbide Compact Router, with one person mentioning using:

6003-2RS double seal bearings. They are ABEC 3 bearings. Sold and made by XIKE

and another:

Sealed bearings are not air tight or liquid proof. The should say resistant. The old bearings will have a number on them and depending on where you are you can buy them locally or order online. With the bearing number you get them on ebay or amazon.

Take a look at this tp decipher your bearing size and load.

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