Dewalt DWP 611 hand router

My router turns on, runs for 1-2 seconds and stops. I changed out the brushes, any ideas?

Check w/ your local DeWalt service center?

Do you have a BitRunner? Is so is the green light on or red when this happen?

I assume you put the new brushes in the right direction. I hate to admit it, but I flipped mine somehow the first time I changed them out years ago and it did not work very well. I think the light came on, and one time it tried to start but didn’t go very long.

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You never know! I put them in with the groove out so the spring clip fit into it?

Hello, there is not one less than 150 miles away. Thanks anyway

Just to clarify, When you plug your DeWalt router directly into a wall outlet, it only runs for a couple minutes, and the shuts off?

Yes, it actually only runs for 2-3 seconds and then shuts off.

If the DeWalt is no longer under warranty, I’d just run down to your local box store and buy another. By the time their repair center trouble shooted, and repaired it, you would probably be time and money ahead to buy a new DeWalt.

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True, thank you for your advice!

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