Dial indicator to measure bed?

I have both dial and test indicators.

How are folks getting them on the spindle to do some measurements? Would love to measure bed flatness in X/Y.

For tramming I used a wooden dowel with a hole in each end :slight_smile: Might be a first project in aluminium!

As per @RichCournoyer’s advice, I bought a Dovetail indicator holder took me a while when I was trying to figure out what they call these things. *Note: you’ll have to cut the shaft to length in order to fit it in the router/spindle.


Those were the magic words, found an Accusize one on amazon.ca for 20 bucks.

Hmm, what if my dial indicator doesn’t have a dovetail?

I 3D printed a simple mount to use with a metal rod in the collet.

I use my test indicator on a plate of glass, does your test indicator have a dovetail?

My test does yes. I guess dial indicator for framming I will use the design shared above.

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