Diamond drag bit 1/2 inch shank on shapeoko 3

I have the shapeoko 3 xxl with the dewalt dwp611 and accidentally ordered a diamond drag engraver bit with a half inch shank. is there any way to mount a half inch bit to the shapeoko 3? i cant even find any routers with 1/2" shanks that would fit the mount…but since the drag bits dont actually spin, is there a mount that would hold it maybe?

Folks have mounted larger trim routers, but this arguably shouldn’t be needed — might be you could work up some sort of mount for this, or perhaps an adapter like to a Muscle chuck?

A bit of discussion at: http://www.routerforums.com/router-bits-types-usage/23340-1-4-inch-1-2-bit-shank-adapters.html

Too late to return it? Only asking since it may be more work to mount it than it is to simply return and replace with the correct size. Also adding extra adapters “might” cause some looseness and you’re gonna want a good grip to get good results while drag engraving, any play will likely show up in your end product. I guess if you have a metal lathe and a big chunk of round stock you could make a faux router, but that’d be a huge waste of material.



Any chance you’ve got access to a lathe? Depending on the design it may be something you can turn down to 1/4


If you cannot return, I would say the most practical and cheapest solution is to buy the 1/4in and sell the other one on e-bay at a discount.

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