Diamond Drag Engraving Granite First Project

Are those rotary tool "engraving " bits okay to use in the Shapeoko 3 with a makita ? like these for example:
or these:
That diamond drag tool is way out of my range for now, I want to use these shown but I’d like some confirmation they could be safe or any warning not to. Thanks

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Thanks. Here is a link to the one I bought.


I am not sure. The second product you linked to says they are good to 24,000 RPM. The only problem I would see is depth, and how they hold up to the friction of faster movement in a CNC. I think those are generally designed to be used by hand. I may be wrong, but I am not the expert on all things engraving.


Agreed. My concern about the Carbide engraving bits is that the machine won’t notice if they load up and the openings become filled — at the least one would likely break the bit, quite likely one would mar the piece.

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What I expected, oh well, I only use them with the rotary tool so they’ll stay there. Thanks

I lower cost diamond drag bit: http://benchtopprecision.com/diamond-drag-engraving-tool/

I have not used it on granite or any tile yet, but works great on aluminum and acrylic.


Cool, book marked it for future, thanks Kenton.

I want to try an engraving bit like these, but they’re all classified as “drag” bits… would you not want the router spinning, and if so what speed?

I think these are “scratching” bits hence the drag name. A burr should be spinning but the drag bits are spring loaded to control the cutting (scratching) force (down pressure) and spinning it in the spindle (imo) would likely break the spring. I’m looking for the proper diamond burr bits for this process and if I find them I’ll advise.
Here’s a drag bit I just found on ebay, don’t know the seller and have not purchased from him ,
Also saw “drillman” on ebay has router 1/4" shanked diamond burr bits, with so many referring Drillman, I will buy from him when I’m ready.


Indeed I get the process, but I’m asking about spinning the bit vs. not. There’s potential for things to bind or grind if the bit doesn’t turn but everything else is rotating.

I’m looking for anecdotal experiences

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No experience, but the link @GeerGuy posted had spring loaded ball mills that you use while spinning. Used for uneven surfaces.

Cut time was < 30 minutes.

Stepover .0050, 70" feed, .0001" stock to leave on a roughing pass only. Used a spring type diamond engraver.

Will center it better next time :slight_smile:

Here’s the tool: http://benchtopprecision.com/diamond-drag-engraving-tool/ (Same one @geerguy) posted.
You do not spin this type.


Thanks your video prompted me to purchase drag bit and my first engraving on granite tile was also a Texas seal, very happy with the result…

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TX_sgt I see that you are located in Texas and you use vcarve. If you dont mind could you tell me where you got your diamond drag bit.

First diamond drag engraver piece I did. Going to change a few things but happy with it.


Is this doable in CC? Or any of the other free tools? I might be able to spring $70 for the bit, but $350 is way more than I can do atm.

I have done it in CC.

It makes CC run really slow because of the tight tool paths, but it can be done.


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Inkscape. Fusion360.

Thx guys! Y’all are the best :wink:

great work

Is that water you are using for the cutting fluid??