Difficulty with v-carve and serif fonts

I can’t seem to get serif fonts (like Times New Roman) that have smaller details to engrave correctly. I’m guessing it’s because the letters I want to do are only 0.500" - 0.625" tall. Not very big. I’ve been using the 60 degree bit and depth of 0.200" and it barely scratches the surface.


For small details like this, a narrower bit works really well. I’ve been doing 1/2" to 3/4" lettering using a 30 deg bit and it comes out well.

The other thing to try is to probe for Z right over where the text will be. That way any minor inconsistencies in the thickness of your stock is less likely to throw things off.

Finally, the depth for V carving is just the max the bit will go. The depth of the bit is controlled by the width of the feature. The max depth is typically used to limit the depth to the thickness of the stock or the cutting depth of the tool, whichever is less.


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