Digitizing Probe

Could this work with CNCjs or UGCS?.

It says it needs Mach3 but I guess mechanically it does not matter. Has a 1/4” shank and if I shorten it might be possible to be used with my Nomad.


Yes, it should work — just connect it to the Probe connector.

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Thank you Will. Excited to try it.

As a probe, it will work. You won’t actually be able to use it as a digitizer, though.

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Understood. Think your macros should work, right?.

Yup…it will just act like a probe with all conductive surfaces on the inside. What are you hoping to use it for that a smooth rod or endmill blank wouldn’t give you?

I would like to be able to use it in all materials. Right now my bed grounds and cant probe on aluminum as it grounds the probe by just touching the aluminum stock. Also, I’m interested in using existing holes as possible zeroing locations and the small touch probe tip allows me probing into smaller holes. I don’t have any current specific need for it but, of all probing methods that I know, this one is the one that seems most universal. Thoughts?.

That all makes sense.
I can’t think of any reason you shouldn’t get one unless you wanted to DIY something similar.

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I’m always excited to keep learning. Once I get it, I will test and report back.

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You should be able to use it for digitizing — with suitable software — something like https://github.com/martin2250/OpenCNCPilot ?