Digitizing Scanner Probe

I found a thread on this that’s a few years old, so now I want to double check if anyone has any updates.

Is there any way to use the Shapeoko with a digitizing probe to perform a 3D scan on something? The ultimate goal is to create an STL file from the data so that I could scale and reproduce the object on the Shapeoko again.

Anyone with any guidance on this topic is greatly appreciated!



esp. see:


I’ve seen that page, but all I seem to gather from there is how to make your own touch probe. I can’t find anyone who explains how to incorporate it with a Shapeoko.

Any insight on where the probe plugs in? Which software generates the test field points and tells the Shapeoko to move in the grid pattern and also how to control the Z axis during probing? And while I think some of those pages talk about what to do with the point cloud generated, I’m still not very sure I understand it.

I might be willing to make my own probe, especially if that’s the only option. But I’d be interesting in buying the probe. It’s the “what do I do once it’s mounted in the router collet?” that I’m scratching my head about.

The Probe connector next to the homing switch inputs, see: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Touch_Plate

For software: https://github.com/martin2250/OpenCNCPilot I believe does what you want

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