Dinosaur Shapeoko 3 Spares

I’ve had my S3 XXL for a couple years, got it right before the 4 was announced LOL. Was going to sell and upgrade but think ill just hang on to it and try to get my volume up enough to buy a second machine. Sounds more fun to me.

Anyways, curious if I would be well served to pick up a control board or two and some more repair parts for the old girl? With all the new advancements, I just worry eventually getting parts may be considerably more difficult as time goes on? Two years or slightly more in, and she’s still going strong. Not a single issue.

Soon there will need to be an old timers thread for those of using these dinosaurs.

There should be an announcement before we stop making spare parts.

Please write in to sales@carbide3d.com before you panic about anything like that.

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