Disconnect from cutter

Being disconnected from cutter?
I am having trouble this morning being disconnected from the cutter, of course having to start over. Is there a way yo return to where it was when disconnected or just start over and let it run until it catches up?

Only way to do what you’re saying, really, is to modify the G-code to have it continue where you left off…

Check out this thread:

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And how do you do that, when I have a disconnect the information is gone immediately.

It all depends on the complexity of the program. If it’s something like a parallel finishing program, you can measure where it left off and find a dimension close to that in the g-code to cut to for leaving off. That’s probably one of the easier ones. In any case, you will have to know relative dimensions where it would have left off and have knowledge of what the code means.

If you don’t know what any of the g-code means, I suggest you try and learn it. It’s a bit of a dive if you haven’t, but it is very useful to have the knowledge.

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