Discount Steel 27% Off

Just in case you want to mill some fancy aluminum parts since @wmoy gave you some great feeds and speeds, @Vince.Fab gave you some inspiration, and you’re itching to break use your fancy new endmills, you could check out Discount Steel’s MIC-6 Treasure Box and use “year27” as a discount code for 27% off.

As a note, this code works for any and all metals online, not just the remnant box. I’m not sponsored in any way by them, I just like Discount Steel and am fortunate enough to be able to visit locally.


20 lbs of MIC-6 is a good deal, I got a piece big enough to do a 24x24 wasteboard for < $50. I really like these guys, they have a fantastic “drops” bin, and lots of stuff out and ready to pick up from their storefront. If you can get into the “lot” there’s all sorts of cool stuff out there (I’m close enough to get to the MN site from time to time)

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You mean there just happened to be a piece large enough in that remnant ‘treasure box’ or you bought it from them specifically? Just run a quick search and 1/2" mic6 from Discount Steel comes up costing around $180 while Midwest Steel and Aluminum charges only $90 for the same piece.

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Yeah, like what @BartK mentioned, I’m curious how you got it for so cheap.

I just checked dimensions, and I was wrong - it’s 14x14 (I realize thats a big difference!). I use it as a supplementary waste board. I walked in and there was a 14" square drop, in the same stack as all sorts of 6x8 and 8x8 drops, it’s 1/2" thick. This was early last summer.

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