Discovered a helpful tool that doesn't fit in a collet

I have been watching [hyperbole alert] 15 million videos [/hyperbole alert] on CAD and CAM and doing my best to learn a new method and a new language. Most of them are clicking through so quickly that it becomes frustrating for a new learner. Being a kinesthetic learner, I need to follow along on my own. Most videos leave me in the dust. :rage:

In YouTube, I discovered that hitting the spacebar freezes the video and the “,” [comma] key backs up single frames of the video and the “.” [period] key moves forward by single frames also. This may be common knowledge, but it is new to me and has helped to S L O W - D O W N those insane, madly clicking, “teaching” videos where they know what they are doing…and assume that you do too and proceed to zoom around the screen clicking everywhere.

NOTE TO YOUTUBERS: Please stop assuming that everyone is as quick and as knowledgeable as you. If you are producing a “How-to video”, PLEASE take your time and please go slowly through the steps. My 2¢…for what it is worth.

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Other YouTube keys that I use daily:

K = Stop/Start too
J = backs up 10 Sec
L = goes forward 10 Sec

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I did better with just fiddling around inside the software than I did watching videos. Most of them were out of date anyway.

One of the main reasons I really like Fusion 360 is if you hover over a box it will pop up a description of what it does and sometimes they even have a visual aid.

BTW: NYCCNC, and Lars Christensen. has been the best for Fusion 360 CAM tutorials

I’ve tried that, gotten boxed into a corner and become more frustrated. I be needin’ some learnin’.

@RichCournoyer Thanks! I’ll be adding those to my list of useful stuff.

I also suggest that you use K rather than spacebar for pause. As to why the vids go fast, you hit it yourself: You can always pause and back up. You can also slow the vid down using “<” and “>”. There are a number of others: see

I find that playing work-along with a faster paced vid is easier, since I don’t need to wait (and lose track of what I am doing) for the person in video. I also tend to work with two screens for this, though, at work, for reasons, I use two computers. If you have been there, you feel my pain on that in general, but it is handy for this particular task, as I don’t need to change focus from window to window, so I can pause, backup, slow, etc, a video, while CADding with the other hand.

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