Disk tool types

I want to add a new tool that is 3.125 shank 50mm long that has a .62mm thick disk that is 18.25mm diameter. The new tool part of CC does not seem to support this tool, I want to cut under the largest diameter of the model; such as a miniature flower vase. It looks like the simulator cannot handle cutting under the largest diameter in the Z plane.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Carbide Create doe not support undercuts (see recent discussion of the Keyhole toolpath).

This is not a feature our 3D system can support, so you should use some other program.

Thanks, I appreciate the quick response. Do you know of a program that can.

If your goal is to show an accurate simulation of the path, then no CC will not do that.
However, if your goal is a functional toolpath, I believe it can be done. Simulation will not look right, but I believe the path can be created. If you want to share the shape & dimensions of the part, I’d take it as a challenge to create a usable path. :wink:

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