Do I have a flat v-wheel or did I not assemble my Shapeoko correctly?


I noticed after I assembled my shapeoko 4 xl that if I place my hand on the middle of the the x-axis gantry and gently pull it towards me it seems to “settle” every now and then, requiring more force to move it again.

It seems to happen at every revolution of the v-wheels.

I thought I’d just “break in” the machine and see if it would go away but it hasn’t gotten better - or worse. Is this a symptom of a bad v-wheel or did I maybe assemble something wrong?

I haven’t noticed any impact on the results yet but I haven’t made that much on the machine yet.

I tried making a video - you can kind of hear it:

I can’t seem to be able to download the video ?
Any chance this might just be from energizing the controller when moving the gantry by hand? (The stepper motors act as generators in this situation, which is also why it is not recommended to move the gantry manually, except very slowly)
One way to check is to either remove the belts or unplug the motors at the controller, and try moving the gantry then


Strange. It’s a public link and I’m able to view it without being logged in. It’s a MOV-file shot with an iPhone so maybe a codec is missing. I’m able to watch it on Windows 10, so I don’t know.

I’m careful not to move it to fast, as I’m aware the steppers turn into generators when being moved manually. Also my best guess it’s not the result of a build-up charge or something like that. It feels very mechanical, and you can almost feel it glide the last way when it settles.

I’ll unplug the motors tomorrow and try again…

Usually the V wheels go back to round if left overnight — contact us at and send the link to us there and we will do our best to get this sorted out w/ you.

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