Do we need to assemble the middle cross strap? If we won't, is it still stable enough?

can we neglect the middle one?

Ah interesting that they have redesigned the base plates. I love Carbide 3d! :heart_eyes:

I personally would install the middle plate. Unless you have plans to cut a large hole in the base?

yeah, i’m thinking of switching from carveking to shapeoko. basically, i make my own table of steel, mount the shapeoko into it, without any bed, so i can engrave huge objects. kinda drop bed.

On that basis I can’t see the need for any of the straps if the frame is directly mounted to a steel table.

As long as you attach the frame to the steel table in the middle too instead of only using the 4 corner levelers as anchor points.

of course i won’t do that, as i want to feed big objects from underneath. so the middle thing has to go.

If you remove any of the structure you’ll need to make up for it with the balance of your table set up somehow — in this instance, for what you want, my inclination would be to build a metal table suitably rigid w/ an opening as large or larger than the work area (but no larger than the space between the end plates and the rails) which has suitable structure and holes to allow you to bolt the endplates to it flipped around.

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