Do you offset on traditional inlay?

I’ve just been playing a bit with my SO3 trying a standard inlay. I use vcarve pro ( older edition) and l could do a v-inlay but am really just wanting to know how far I (my abilities) can take the machine.
My question is if you do any inlaying with wood, do you use an offset on your female or male or both parts? If so , how much? I know it would depend a bit on the type of wood but in general. Thanks Ray.

Typically on a V inlay there is no need to offset due to the angles of the pocket and the inlay taking up any discrepancy in accuracy of the machine as long as there is sufficient clamping pressure to push the inlay into the pocket.

For traditional inlay you need to experiment with offsets that match your machine and take into account run out and backlash.

There is a channel on YouTube called MTM Woodwork, he does a lot of inlays with his CNC so it may be worth watching a few of his videos to see if he talks about offsets?!