Does boolean funtion work with shapes created with the curve tool?

I am just trying to make an O that is more oval shaped than round, I used the curve tool to create the two ovals and now I’m trying to make them one shape but when I select both shapes I’m not getting the boolean options, only alignment tools. Am I doing something wrong or does the boolean function only work with the basic shapes?
Any suggestions on how to get my O quickly in carbide create? I’m actually trying to imitate a font that has been manipulated in illustrator and I’m a super beginner here so I know there are probably other ways to import this just not sure how to get there with out hours of reading and experimenting.

Thanks so much!

I have a real love and hate relationship with carbide create. I’ve been using it for year and I think I am a very experienced user, but clearly there are some things that it really sucks at. Putting rounded corners on simple square shapes and making an ellipse are nearly impossible to do in a timely manner.

What I have figured out the what works for me is to go into a 2-D auto cad type software create the shape that I need (rounded cornered rectangle or an ellipse) save it as a DXF file and import it into CC.

It’s the only thing that I have found that works well and quickly. I wish you well

thanks Rich! I’ll try that.