Does Carbide Create sell 20° bits

I just received the what I thought was going to be at 20° V bit but turns out that was the taper angle and the included angle is 40° I’ve never seen the taper angle listed before so I bought the bed thinking it was a 20°
That said, does anyone know if Carbide Create sells 20° bits I can’t find them on their website?

No, at this time we do not have 20 degree tooling.

The most acute which we sell is the 30 degree Amana #45771 in:

I bought some on Amazon. The main thing is that they have a pointy sharp tip. Some have a rounded end so look at the picture very well. The problem with a rounded tip is CC assumes it has a sharp pointy tip. So with a rounded end it does not cut deep enough because CC expects the bit to be longer with no rounded tip. So even with the BitSetter the round end is assumed to be the point and CC thinks the bit is longer and so it cuts shallow by the distance between the point of the 20 degree vee bit and the rounded end of the 20 degree vee bit. The usual point of a 20/15 degree is to cut fine lines. So without the sharp point the vcarve is not deep enough.

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I have been fighting with this problem for a long time with inlays because it created the wrong glue gap. I am under the impression that it always cuts deep enough because a bitsetter setting the end of the tip but then what happens is it cuts to wide because the geometry in the program is wrong. Does that sound right to you?

Is it at all possible to have that flatter point tip program into Carbide Create?

No, at this time, Carbide Create does not support a rounded tip V tool geometry — that’s why the #501 and #502 are not entered as V tools.

Ok I’ll need to find those sharp point bits.
I got a link to a set of tools for this through cc but I don’t want the set only the v bit. Cc only sells this as a kit?

Only in sets, no individual Amana tools — but the 1/4" downcut is a very useful one, so a good value.

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