Does the bit setter work for separate tool paths?

Looking at the Bit Setter.

Using Fusion 360:
As I understand it, if I export multiple paths using different tools, it will allow tool changes and auto-adjust Z.

However, does it also work if I export separate tools paths and run them one after the other?

For example, I mess up a tool path, cancel the job and create a new export from Fusion.


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Yes, it will just measure an extra time or so.

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it will work well, just remember to not “just” change the tool, but only change the tool if you either click “change tool” in the GUI or when CC asks for a tool to be inserted.

if you do the change otherwise things will go south (well deep down) quickly


Thanks both. Now I’ve just got to wait for stock to arrive.

More are being made at present, it won’t be long.


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