Does the HDM spindle rotate forward and reverse?

Is the HDM 2.2k spindle supposed to rotate forward and reverse with M3 and M4? I could swear mine used to before I had to unhook everything to move the machine. Now both commands rotate it forward.

No it did not. Forward only.


Really? I could swear I rotated both ways prior according to the gcode. Well good to know. Thanks Rob

What are you trying to do by reversing the spindle?

Nothing. I just could have sworn I was able to run it in both directions before I unhooked the machine and moved it. I was just testing things after the move and noticed both M3 and M4 commands rotated clockwise.

Issue M4S15000 and see which way you’re spins.

To run counter clock wise it would been to be wired differently. I think M4 might start the spindle but this would still be clock wise.

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