Does the nomad take into account the spindle when it cuts?

In the kind of cut where you don’t carve down the entire material but carve around in it, does the Nomad take into account tool length and spindle width so if it needs to cut deep it’ll also carve around enough so the spindle won’t hit the material?

No, your CAM program would need to do that. If you’re using MeshCAM then it’ll take the defined tool length and cut depth into account, but it doesn’t seem to bother much about the spindle itself. I learned this one the hard way.

What I usually do now is just make a mockup of the spindle in my CAD program and use it to see how much margin I need to leave.


Ah, there’s a setting to cut a larger margin? On the other hand, wouldn’t cutting that larger margin also make the spindle bottom out?