Does This Piece Require Set Screw

I was continuing to troubleshoot my z axis issue on the new shapeoko 3 i received earlier this week and noticed that the pulley or gear on the bottom does not have any set screws. Is it suppose to? Is this suppose to spin freely i assume. Mine was super tight and was not moving.

Thanks for the information on this particular pulley.

This is the static pulley on your Z-axis right, no stepper connected(I just can’t tell from the picture without my machine in front of me)? Mine came with set screws, but lost one along the way and I never noticed anything wrong till I found the actual screw laying on my bench. The way the belt locks teeth between the adjacent posts I doubt if the set screws make any difference, and if the pulley is super tight it definitely makes no difference. That pulley and the adjacent posts are to lock the belt to the plate, if it rotated and allowed the belt to move your Z-axis wouldn’t move at all. It looks like a pulley, but it’s really just a belt locking device.



thanks so much for the quick and thorough reply Dan

No, it needs to turn freely so you’re better off without them.

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Just to be clear, you’re talking about the “pulley” pointed out below correct?


This “pulley” does not rotate, it is static. The two posts shown to the left of that pulley actually cause the belt teeth to lock into each other as well, there shouldn’t be movement here.