Down Loading zip files

I am trying to down load and open the Hello World zip file but can not seem to get it extracted?

Please find a copy attached. (20.5 KB)

HI I tried and I keep getting error messages what program do you use to open zip files

Usually the facility is built into the OS.

If you’re using Windows, then 7zip:

For a Mac, Stuffit Expander:

I might be looking for the drawing but it will not appear in the window7—is it only loaded when connected to the router?

Correct. The .nc files are just G-Code — load them into Carbide Motion, then send them to the machine — in the case of the “Hello World” files, they will draw the Shapeoko logo and then shade it in. While some communication / control programs have previewing capabilities, CM doesn’t.

To preview .nc files, use a tool for that — list of them here: