Downdraft + enclosure?

Hello, I searched but I can’t find anyone building a downdraft table to sit under their shapeoko? It seems like way less dust would become airborne if it could just simply get sucked through the holes on the bottom. I understand that if you split your vacuum hose to go under the table for downdraft, and another mounted to a dustboot would impact suction. But running two smaller vacuums could get around that issue.
Just curious if anyone had attempted something similar.

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I don’t believe it would be effective. Without any suction 95%+ of your particles sits on top your work piece and the table. It might pick up some of the airborne dust if you have enough vacuum but it still would have to get under or through the table.

I haven’t seen anything out there.

Humoring the idea however…
I do like the idea of a floor sweep or large bottom mounted port to vacuum to make clean up a breeze.
A grill to keep large chips and chunks from getting lodged would be ideal.

I would have the vac port left or right side of machine on floor or sidewall flush to floor. Opposite ceiling would be a couple air intake fans (computer or the like) with external filters. Something to help feed the vac port and create a strong cross flow. Depending on spindle it may have a fan putting out some air and hopefully it disturbs chips into cross flow.

Getting the CFM right and ensuring you dont create a large dust bowl in the enclosure will be the trick. I’d aim to match the vacuum CFM with potential for slightly higher.

Quick thoughts on the matter anyhow.

I think this has been done before.

Is this what you mean?

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I has been done with an X-carve.

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